Cedars Woodworking designs and builds your dream kitchen! If you do yearly spring cleaning, you know how energizing and attitude changing it can be! Remodeling your home can be just as energizing, and can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, or more complex, like a brand-new kitchen.

Thinking through a remodeling project step-by-step is a good way to start, but be sure to address the reasons why you would like to remodel in the first place. Typically, your remodeling “why” will fall under one of five general categories:
-You’d like to increase your space
-You’d like to upgrade or modernize your home
-You’d like to make your home energy efficient
-You’d like to prepare for aging or accommodate a disability
-You’d like to increase the value of your home

Remodeling can include removing walls, adding an addition or second floor, extending a room, changing your floor plan, increasing storage space through built ins, or finishing your basement to add more living space. If your family is growing, you may need to add bedrooms or play area, or even another bathroom.

Large remodeling projects can appear to be simple, but may actually involve more extensive work. With these larger remodeling projects, there can be complexities, so be sure to use a reputable construction company that is knowledgeable in issues such as zoning, permits, load bearing walls, foundations, etc.

If you are remodeling to upgrade or modernize, you can go a variety of directions. Lightening or brightening the house by adding windows or glass doors, or even a lighter coat of paint can dramatically change the appearance and “feel” of a room.  Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms usually is a good investment, both for increasing the value of your home, as well as increasing your space.

Renovations that improve energy efficiency can pay off in both the short and long terms. Some of energy efficiency improvements are relatively affordable, others, such as changing windows, or adding insulation, will bring you a return over time.

Making the home more functional to accommodate the aging process or a disability, can be achieved through both removable and permanent changes.

Simple renovations completed with the purpose of increasing the value of your home can make life more comfortable immediately. Simple renovations focus on tasks that make the house more desirable. Freshening paint, changing from carpet to hard wood floors are examples of simple renovations. Lightening and brightening will also pay off, as will a basic whole home de-cluttering, and maintaining your landscaping.

Unless you plan to sell your house immediately, you should concentrate your remodeling dollars on the kind of remodeling that will make you happy and comfortable. Finally, we encourage you to think carefully about trying to do some renovations yourself. Keeping your home safe and your liability low is important in making remodeling decisions. Please read our Why Use a General Contractor article for more details on this topic.

Renovations can be inconvenient in the short run, but making the changes you want in a home or the changes your lifestyle demands, can be fun and energizing. If you have the itch to renovate, think it through, prioritize your needs and wants, calculate the cost, find a reliable expert, and watch your renovation dreams come alive! Remodeling can make your home look and feel completely new!

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Introducing Cedars Woodworking & Renovations

Introducing Cedars Woodworking & Renovations

Introducing Cedars Woodworking & Renovations*/?>