At Cedars Woodworking, we focus on an open and collaborative process in every remodeling project. We want to make sure you get the room you’ve always wanted, and are completely satisfied every step of this journey.

While every project is unique, each one follows these same stages in our remodeling process:

1. Initial Meeting

The first step to a beautiful new living space. We'll walk through your space, listen to your ideas, and start brainstorming a design.

2. Design

We'll take your dreams and turn them into a design, complete with blueprints and photorealistic 3D renderings.

3. Construction

Our team of skilled carpenters will transform your existing living space into the one you've always wanted.

1. Initial Meeting

The first step is an initial meeting with the staff of Cedars Woodworking. During this meeting – which we will have at your home – we will walk through your space, listen to your ideas, and discuss a few concepts and proposals. We will ask you to bring along any photos, sketches, or Houzz pins that have inspired you, so we can get a feel for your tastes and dreams for this new space. We will also talk about your budget, discussing broad terms based on typical projects like yours.

2. Design

After the initial meeting, we enter into a design agreement. This just means that we both agree to work on a design together for your new space. This does not mean you are locked in to using Cedars as your contractor; instead, we are working together to design the project.

Our designers will take your ideas and wishes and combine them with our measurements to create a series of drawings and renderings. We’ll send you plans, get your feedback, and make revisions, until we get to a place where everyone is happy with the design.

As part of the design process, we rely on 3D renderings to show your new space in photo-realistic quality. We find that homeowners love this part of the design process, as it feels like this project becomes that much more real.

3. Construction

At this point you have a design, now you need someone to turn that design into studs, drywall, cabinetry, and trim. Our staff will work with you to tackle all the hundreds of choices left in the project – from paint colors to drawer knobs. Once that’s done, we will create a construction contract that includes your budget and a schedule that has tangible and measurable markers.

Then it is time for the hard work of the project: demolition, installation, and finishing your new room. During your project, we serve as general contractors, pulling all local permits, scheduling inspections, and making sure each job is done right. Our skilled woodworkers will also handle most of the work, including demolition, framing, creating and installing custom cabinetry and built-ins, and all the finishing and trim work.

We rely on a list of vetted, trusted subcontractors to do any work we can’t do in-house; we manage them and pay them, so you only have to work with us. If you have your own preferred plumber, electrician or another subcontractor that you’d like to work on this project, we would be happy to work with them, too.

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