Custom built ins for bedrooms are a fantastic choice for increasing storage space in your home. Custom built ins also can make previously unused spaces in your home versatile and functional. From bookshelves to closets to coffee bars, bedrooms offer plenty of stylish and creative opportunities to place custom built ins. Cedars Woodworking’s design team can bring innovation to otherwise unused bedroom space. There are three primary ways we can help bring more storage to bedrooms.

  1. Utilizing Unused Space
  2. Maximizing Closets
  3. Creating New Areas For Specific Purposes

Unused space simply means that your current bedroom layout may not be taking advantage of all the square footage your room actually allows. Using creative thinking and 3D software, the Cedars design team can take measurements of your bedroom and its furniture and create layout options. By utilizing this drawing software, you will be able to see exactly how your room will look once the furniture is arranged and any new built ins or custom furniture are placed. If you are hesitant to build permanent storage such as built ins, Cedars Woodworking can create custom furniture to provide versatile storage solutions.

Cedars Woodworking designs and builds custom built ins for bedrooms.

An example of custom built in storage with a window seat by Cedars Woodworking.

Built Ins by Cedars Woodworking are truly custom. A built in can include (but is certainly not limited to) shelves, cubbies, custom sized drawers, custom sized cabinets with doors, desk and workspace, coffee bars, and concealed refrigerators. Many homeowners choose combinations of these features to create a built in specific to their needs.

Maximizing closets is another way Cedars Woodworking can enhance bedroom space. By evaluating what needs to be accommodated in your closet, Cedars Woodworking can design built in storage tailored to your specific requests. Storage for shoes, jewelry, clothing, linens, sentimental items, seasonal items, laundry and more are all available.

Through creating new areas for specific purposes, Cedars Woodworking enables homeowners to customize and effectively utilize their bedroom living space. Built in coffee bars, office spaces, entertainment centers, window seats with storage, wardrobes, and other options can bring new functionality to otherwise unused areas of the room. Spare bedrooms and guest bedrooms can become efficient areas for day to day living during times they would normally go unused. Guest bedrooms can also be custom designed for long term guests to enhance privacy and comfort. Master bedrooms and their bathrooms can quickly become an in-home retreat for hard-working homeowners. Kids bedrooms can be modified to accommodate the needs of children: toy and clothing storage, bookshelves and desk areas, additional (and creative!) sleeping areas and recreation spaces, and other space saving built in ideas.

If you have a bedroom that you would like to create more space in, please contact Cedars Woodworking. We’d love to help you make your dream bedroom a reality!

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