Due to southcentral PA’s rich history, we have thousands of older and historic homes and buildings in Lancaster County. Thanks to committed homeowners and property owners, these historic structures remain, having been painstakingly restored or renovated to breathe new life into the building. The initial restoration project, as well as ongoing maintenance, can be challenging and expensive. We are here to help.

Reproduction Millwork

Cedars Woodworking specializes in replicating historic millwork for older homes, churches, and historic buildings. Historic millwork such as doors, windows, moldings, and columns all are remade to like the original designs. Our craftsmen use a combination of modern technology and old-fashioned handcrafting to ensure the millwork looks accurate. Whether you are looking to repair or replace your historic millwork, let us handle your historic restoration project, making your building look like it originally did.

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Our team of woodworkers would be honored to assist you in saving a piece of local history. To start a discussion on how we can help with your historic millwork, contact us today.

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