Built Ins

Basement Snack Bar

Dressing Room Built-ins

Dressing Mirror

Jewelry Storage Cabinet

Master Closet Build Out

Mudroom Lockers

Mudroom Cubbies

Cherry Mantel and Built Ins

Mantel with Bookshelves

Custom Bookshelves


Cherry Library

Family Room Corner Bookcase


Accent Bookshelf

Vaulted Ceiling Bookshelves

Corner Desk and Bookshelves

Corner Bookshelves

Computer Station

Den Built-ins with Desk

Guest Bedroom Window Seat

Laundry Sink

Family Room Makeover

Living Room Built-ins

Living Room Wall Unit

Family Room

Family Room Fireplace Cabinetry

Master Bedroom Wall Unit

Custom Den

China Cabinet Expansion

Oak Entertainment Wall Unit

Hall Built-in

Kitchen Bench

Custom Diorama Display

Office Counter

Framery Counter

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